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Cheapest Place To Buy H1Z1

H1Z1 Is one of the craziest base creation games money can buy.

From shooting zombies, to being looted, raiding peoples bases and being killed by gangs. This game truely has it all.

If you enjoy survival and like creating your own base and fending off both humans and zombies then you’ll love H1Z1 and should defonitly give it a try.

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If you want to know more about this epic game use the guides, tips and trailer to indulge in what you can do and achieve in H1Z1 and if you have any questions just let us know.


Overview of H1Z1

How best to explain H1Z1?

It’s a cross between Rust, Ark and call of duty? Mmmm, that doesn’t really sum it up.

It’s basically a zombie shooter with base creation, rading and many clans that want you dead.

It has shooter modes, from death matches to king of the hill and what this game really shows you is that in a real zombie apocalypse the biggest issue would actually be your fellow man.

Seriously, zombies are a breeze compared to how some humans act in this game, I mean give me 1000 zombies over 5 humans who’re looking for some lot.

on a side note this game has received a lot of negativity due to people getting banned for no reason, I believe their starting to fix this problem, so hopefully the future for H1Z1 is awesome, as the community this game has just keeps getting bigger.

H1Z1 Tips And Tricks

I’ve listed a video that was great help to me when starting this game and may help you out too.

This game is much more skill based and once you pick the basics you’ll have a far better time, trust me.

After you pick this game up watch this tutorial and then get ready for some zombie, human and animal killing… Woop Woop!

Fun You Can Have In H1Z1

From base creation, to looting and even hunting humans, there’s tons of ways to stay occupied.

I like to hunt bad humans, you may like searching for lot, even sneaking up on your prey for quick kills.

Whoever you are, I’d recommend you checking out that awesome montage as it made me laugh and it’ll help you see the fun you can have with h1z1.

cheapest place to buy h1z1

Games Like H1Z1

There are many games like H1Z1, but there’s one game that truly shines like no other and that’s RUST.

Rust is a better version of this game with half the bugs. You have servers packed with hundreds of people and your job is to build an unbreakable base and then find real people to join your clan/army so you don’t get killed ever goddamn day.

Do this and the game becomes one of the most tremendous examples of how humans would act without rules, fail to do this and you’ll become someone’s slave or killed, left to die, maybe even put in a fight to the death.

Another game is ARK, now it’s not the same, but it’s a game that has a similar gameplay style, with base creation and… Dinosaurs… I mean who doesn’t like dino’s and open world + creation?

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