Just a few weeks ago Undertale was released for the Nintendo Switch so what better time to talk about it? Undertale was a huge hit when it was released a couple of years back.

The tagline for Undertale was that it was the friendly RPG where no one has to die and that peaked my interest right away. Undertale is actually one of the most unique RPG games I have ever played. It is not just the fact that you can kill or spare the enemies you battle, but the whole battle system in general, you never know what the heck the game is going to throw your way.

While it is great from a gameplay point of view the story of Undertale is just so charming and witty that you will have a smile on your face the whole time you play it.

While it is a very unique game today I have for a list of some games like Undertale. If you love Undertale as much as I do then I am sure you will get a kick out of these games.

Lisa: The Painful RPG

Oh my god!!!! I something I said time and time again when I played through Lisa: The Painful RPG. This is a side scrolling RPG, but if you love the weirdness of Undertale then you are going to really enjoy this game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is only one woman left and you have raised her!

Well, she has been kidnapped and now you (Brad) need to go on an adventure to get her back. The story is awesome and I love the way that they use flashbacks to flesh out Brad.
The gameplay is pretty nuts.

Like other RPGs Lisa: The Painful RPG is a game where the decisions you make can affect what happens after, but this game does it differently. If you want to help a party member you have to sacrifice something. We are not talking a little something either, but it could be one of your eyes, a limb or your strength! This game is crazy, but it also has a lot of heart.


Transistor is a really interesting game and the fact that it is made by the folks who did Bastion grabbed my attention right away.

This is a sci-fi RPG where you play as a woman called Red, Red has in her position a mysterious weapon. A weapon that she is going to have to use and also find out where the people who had it before her are. The story is very well written and if you love sci-fi I am sure you will be hooked.

The gameplay is very interesting. This is at first glance a typical RPG style game, but it does not commit to one style.

It has both real time combat and turn based combat. What is interesting is that the turn mode requires the use of a meter which drains and then fills up again. It is a very interesting mechanic and being able to plan your attacks as well as have real time combat is pretty cool. I know I have made I sound confusing, but I promise it is a lot of fun.

The reason I feel that this is worthy of a spot on my Undertale list is that the gameplay is varied like Undertale.


What more can I say about Earthbound that has not already been said? This is one of the best RPGs on the Super Nintendo and the fact we have never gotten a full follow up or some kind of 3D HD remake is a crime!

The game goes for quite a lot of money these days, but it was part of the SNES Classic so if you ask me that is the best way you can play it now. Earthbound was the first RPG that I ever played where the game was not set in a fantasy or sci-fi world.

Earthbound is about kids, kids who find out that there is a great evil coming and they are the only ones who can stop it.

Earthbound is one of those RPGs that when it gets its hooks into you it does not let go. You will spend hours and hours playing this as you will want to find out what happens next. If you have never played Earthbound before, but have been curious about it. Please do not read any spoilers about the story, just jump right in and prepare to be amazed.


When I was checking out OneShot on Steam I noticed two things. First, one being that it is clearly a game people love.

However, what really grabbed my attention was the note that said that while it was not a horror game, parts of the game may induce paranoia so proceed with caution! That right there was enough to get me interested in playing OneShot. This does not have the “charm” that Undertale has, but it is one of the Undertale alternatives in that it is so unique and strange.

You need to bring life back to a dying sun, but the world is aware that you exist and it messes with you in very strange ways. Very few games can have me on the edge of my seat, but OneShot is one of them.

I do not want to spoil too much, but all I can say is go and play this game. Also with the dark and moody graphics and that fantastic and eerie soundtrack, this is a game that is even better when you play it in the dark.

The Stanley Parable

This is one very weird game that for some reason or another I still have not got round to playing. A friend of mine though insists that The Stanley Parable had to be on my games like list as it has a similar kind of mind bending weirdness that people love in Undertale.

This is a first person game and you would not call it an RPG. It is more of an exploration/puzzle game than an RPG. You play as a guy called Stanley who notices the world he is in is very strange and full of paradoxes.

My buddy says that this is a game where nothing appears to make sense, but then things to start to make sense. The Stanley Parable is a very popular game and it won a few game of the year awards when it was first released.

When I have a little free time this is certainly a game I am going to check out and I suggest you guys do the same.


Superhot is one of those games that I actually heard a lot of people rave about, but it was not until early this year when it was one of the Games with Gold on Xbox One that I had the pleasure to play it for myself.

Superhot is a really cool and unique game and something that makes you think, drives you crazy and then makes you feel like you are the smartest badass on the planet when you get everything to click.

The “gimmick” of Superhot is that time only moves when you do. So you can set in motion a series of intense events that will all happen once you start moving.

If you plan it just right you will kill all the enemies in a really cool fashion. If you have miscalculated then you are screwed and you will die and have to try again. There is a lot of trial and error here, but figuring out the most practical and coolest way to get past a level is what makes this game so addictive.


Let me start by saying that Westerado is awesome and one of the best games on this list! With Red Dead Redemption 2 taking over the world, Westerado seems like a really fitting game to talk about right now.

This is a western, but it does everything with its tongue firmly in its cheek. You play as a guy who wants justice against the desperado who murdered your family. The story is well written, funny and goes great with the retro style graphics.

Gameplay wise you are pretty much free to play Westerado anyway you want. You can pull out your gun and just start shooting, which can be fun and the gameplay here to me actually reminded me of the game, Smash TV.

You can ride on your horse, talk to people and do lots and lots of shooting until you find the guy who killed your family. If you like your games to have a lot of humor you cannot go wrong with Westerado.

Mario & Luigi

I had to put this on the list. The whole Mario & Luigi series is awesome and with five games in the series (and a couple of remakes) when you just play one it is clear that the makers of Undertale took great inspiration from this series.

What I love about this series is that you can play any one of them and you do not even really have to play them in order to get the best out of them.

For me though if I had to pick one as my favorite. I would go for Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. This game is hilarious and the fact that you are playing actually inside Bowser is awesome. In all honesty, pick up whatever one is cheapest and I assure you that you will have a great time.

There is actually a remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story coming out next year that is also going to include a side story about Bowser Jr.

I really do not think that there is a bad game on this list. While I would say that these are games similar to Undertale.

The truth is Undertale is its own game and really stands out on its own. Still, there are clearly elements in all the games I have listed that I think make them games you fellow Undertale fans would have a lot of fun with. Clearly, the Mario & Luigi series needs special mention as Undertale was in part inspired by it.

However another couple of games that I really love on this list are, Westerado and Earthbound those are the two games I had the most fun with.