State of Decay came to me at a time when I was fixated with zombie games. I dreamed of an open world game filled with story, premadeath and driving.

Damn, I’d have lost my mind if you had of told me about the sound and that it causes zombies to gather around.

State of Decay made a massive impression on me and that’s why I loved putting together this list of games that are just like it.

I priced checked all the games on the 31st January 2023 and found the best prices online for them.

Dying Light

State of Decay 5.0, that’s exactly what Dying Light is.

Dying light brings parkour, open world, role play, zombies and probably the best story I’ve played in ages.

Let me explain my experience playing Dying Light… Sit down for a quick 20 minutes, end up playing 5 hours, honestly this game is addictive and the way the missions just keep flowing keeps you hooked.

It’s really similar to the State of Decay, however, it’s better in every way.

The game just keeps getting better, let’s just say you think you know the map, then you complete some story and a whole new map is available.

I also think the leveling system is one of the best in any zombie game I’ve played, with the right selections on the skill tree you can completely change the way you play through the game.

Not to forget the amazing co-op (One of the best I’ve played).

PS: The zombies in this game are relentless like they want you dead and some are literally unkillable.

If you dig Dying Light, you should check these alternatives.

7 Days To Die

You thought Dying light was good? Damn, I’ve hooked you up with 7 days to die.

Honestly, 7 days to die is what State of Decay would be if you got rid of any boundaries, I’m talking pure zombie carnage.

You spawn with or without friends, you then have to find resources, mine and hunt and build a base as quick as possible, the zombies become quicker in the night and every 7 days the horde is released and if you haven’t got a base you’ll be killed on sight by the horde.

It’s so addictive and the building/survival is perfect, mix it with a good selection of friends and this is one of the best games ever made.

Days Gone

Days Gone is a game I’ve been waiting on for bloody ever.

Seriously this game was coming out around the time I started this blog. However, it’s finally been given a release date of early 2019.

Why is it in this list? Well, if you check the trailer you’ll know, it’s probably the best looking zombie game ever created.

Imagine State of Decay mixed with Grand Theft Auto, you then have this beauty that is called days gone.

The zombie hordes look incredible, the gameplay looks magnificent and from the trailers, I’ve seen the story looks deep and intense.

It’s only going to be released on PS4, I ain’t even mad about it, just need this to come out ASAP.

Mist Survival

Mist Survival is the ultimate zombie apocalypse simulator. This game is slowly building massive amounts of hype and is still maintaining a great review score.

Mist Survival is single player, stealth game, after playing it I had all the emotions I got in the state of decay come back to me.

The graphics are terrifyingly real and the urge to find a shelter, food and weapons gives me a buzz that I can’t explain.

Mist has a similar play style to Pubg and Dayz, with much better game mechanics and some may even say it’s like Fallout 4.

The price is under $10, so if you want to enjoy the mist that decends and hide in some cars away from zombies try it out.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is something a little different (I love mixing these lists up), it’s a top down open world click based game.

Survival, crafting, looting and killing is all part of the fun. This game incorporates hardcore RPG elements and allows you to farm, build and customize on a whole new level.

Zomboid is a complexed zombie game and once you look past the graphics the game really shines gold, just check out over 13,000 reviews (9/10 score) and you’ll see how much people love this game.

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth is a role-play game set in the future (year 2156), you’re living inside one of the only places with life on the whole planet. Your job is to survive, re-build the planet and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world.

The coolest thing about Fallen Earth is that it’s completely FREE.

If you’re looking for a quick fix of open world, survival you should hit this game up and give it a try.

Dead State

Dead state actually started as a Kickstarter campaign and it succeeded with over $300,000 and they ended up creating a next level zombie role-play game.

At the start of the release this game with a little ropy, but after some much-needed updates the problems are fixed and it’s now a playable game.

Personally, I prefer Project Zombiod for this style of game, but for a lot of people Dead State is a must play zombie game, so grab the FREE demo on steam and see what you think.

How to Survive

Oh my god! If you haven’t got how to survive then god help you, you better get downloading.

Seriously if you’re looking for a game like State of Decay, but want something different enough to feel like a new chapter in your gaming life, how to survive is just that.

I’m talking top-down shooter, zombie guts EVERYWHERE, crafting (similar to dead rising) and unreal co-op.

The best part about this game is the grind, okay most people hate that, but it gives me something to achieve and keeps me coming back for more every time I play this game.

If you’re on the fence you can get it for a few bucks using the link above.

Dead Island (Oldish)

Dead Island is a little old now, however, it’s still a playable game with a good story.

Now, dead island is the old version of Dying Light, if you want all the issues from dead island fixed just jump to dying light.

However, if you want something different and a little old-school try any of the dead island games, I’ve played them all and got add-ons, in all honestly they’re dope, but I’d only really recommend playing them back if you have a friend to co-op with you.

Dead Rising

Dead rising started in a shopping mall and slowly started expanding, the last one that came out was packed with multiplayer games, missions, side quests and as many customizable weapons as you could imagine.

If you enjoy murdering different zombies in creative ways both with and without friends then what are you waiting for you need dead rising in your life.

Seriously I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten on this game and spent hours hoarding zombies and finding creative ways to kill them… Pretty sick of me.

Fallout 4 (Wild Card)

Fallout is a complete wild card, well actually for me it was a must to put this in the list, however I know others will disagree.

The games don’t share many similarities, but the base building, exploration, threat to life and overall story all feel the same.

Both games share a lot of RPG mechanics and the overall feel is similar. I’d usually just leave a game like this off the list, but as someone who loves State of Decay, I know other games will love and transition to Fallout flawlessly.

I’ve made a list of games similar to fallout.

The Order I’d Play These Games After State Of Decay

The first game I recommend you try out is Dying Light, it has a few more boundaries, but in terms of story, open world and general gameplay, this game takes the cake every time.

If you have a group of friends I’d hit up 7 days to die, it’s highly addictive and was the game I played after State of Decay and I got absolutely hooked.

Then I’d try out Mist Survival, it’s a new game, but already has enough content to make it a hit.

These are the three must play games on the list, when Days Gone comes out it’ll definitely be on this list.

If I missed any games you think should have made it to the list let me know in the comments. I hope you find your next epic game through this list. If you have any questions or need any gaming advice hit me up. Have an awesome day.