Playing multiplayer games is great, the screaming, shouting and banter all start the minute the game has been switched on and sometimes it can be even more fun than playing alone.

Below I have listed all of the most popular scary multiplayer games for you to check out. Some are scarier than others and some actually have a great story and are worth the play so make sure to read the descriptions and watch the videos. I’ve also left links to the cheapest places to buy these games online so you don’t have to spend a fortune or waste any money.

I also made a video on my youtube channel dedicated to The Best Multiplayer Video Games but these aren’t scary, only the ones below are.


Dead Realm

Dead realm is fun to play with friends, it’s immersive, spooky and overall good fun. I do recommend going in to the game with friends as the servers can sometimes be a little quiet.

You can play as either a ghost or a human, both are so fun to play and you decide to either run, hide, survive or die. The graphics aren’t amazing but if you go in to the game with a few friends and immerse yourself in to the creepy enviroments you may just love it.

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Dead Space

A survival, science-fiction based horror game that is sure to leave you on edge every single time you play.

The graphics are great and there’s a ton of quirky elements that feature in the game that make it that little bit better (such as the oxygen tank that when empty, suffocates the player).

Play single or multiplayer and enjoy trying to survive in this futuristic apocalyptic world. Get up to 60 % through these links on PS4, Xbox or PC.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 dead is crazy zombie killing game. There’s terrifying witches that seem to come out of nowhere when startled, there’s zombie hoardes at every corner and there’s only 4 of you. You can play single player or with friends to try and battle through these undead characters on each round.

Revive your teamates, save your teamates and save yourself as you collect guns and destroy all zombies that cross your path.

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Dead By Daylight

One of the most fun horror games on this list has to be this one. Dead by daylight is a survival horror game that makes you play 4 vs 1 where one of you is the savage killer.

If you’re the survivor you must try to escape and hide from the killer before it’s too late. This game really keeps you on the edge of your seat and can get pretty scary when you hear those killer footsteps getting nearer and nearer to you.

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7 Days To Die

This game is no way easy and actually a bit of a challenge. See how long you can survive in this scary post-apocalyptic horror game filled with zombies and other deadly elements. Loot, hunt, mine, roleplay and defend yourself in this crazy whirlwind of a game.

Create the best base with friends to defend yourself against other players and zombies, farm and try and most importantly, survive.

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The Forest

The story of this game is actually pretty good and fairly immersive, the thing that makes it scary is the creepy cannibalistic creatures that sit watching your every move and even come and attack you at random times during the day and night.

Hearing their footsteps run past your home, diving in to a cave to be jump scared, having them creep up behind you and all this whilst trying to complete the story makes it a creepy, fun game.

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Killing Floor 2

There’s no story in killing floor 2 but there are waves of zombies that get increasingly harder the more waves you complete in each round.

Wave 1 is fairly easy, with only a few zombies to kill but by level 9 you will have beads of sweat dripping from your forhead as the zombies come in hoardes and you and only a few other players must fend them off with your chosen guns. It’s so addictive and so much fun.

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The Last Of Us

The story and the graphics in this game are incredible, extremely immersive and convincing. This game can be played single player or multiplayer and isn’t just a fun walk in the park, it’s challenging, thought provoking, scary and fullfilling.

The last of us is an action filled, survival based horror game set in a post apocalyptic world where human cannibal creatures are hunting the remaining few.

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White Noise

If you’re playing with friends it won’t be long until you’re all screaming. White noise 2 means business when it comes to horror and with your flashlight running out, the rooms getting creepier with each step and the creatures being played by real people, this game will leave you shook up.

Be an investigator and hunt for things that go bump in the night or play as the creature and stalk your prey, terrifying them at every corner of the map.

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Deceit is such a fun game, you are placed amongst 6 players and 2 of you are infected with a virus. You must lie, win trust in order to escape and determine who is lying and who is infected.

The game is set up to deliberately cause conflict, you must scout out the infected and if you are the infected you must kill without being seen, setting traps, killing players and sabotaging their escape.

Playing with a mic is neccesary as you do need to talk and determine who is lying. Get your poker voice when you play deceit because everyone suspects everyone.

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Resident Evil 5

We all know resident evil is a terrifying gaming series but resident evil 5 is voted one of the scariest.

Play to discover why the world is being plagued by this evil virus and discover the immersive gameplay, awesome story and horrorfying creatures that seem to pop up when you least expect them.

Something i love about RE is the story, you never get bored of playing it even after all of these years.

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F.E.A.R 3

Extremely fun gameplay, the story is great and it is really scary. If you enjoyed any of the previosu F.E.A.R series or if you’re new to horror gaming, this game is really fun and seriously creepy.

Play as a few different characters, embark on ultra spine tingling missions and fight in this classic FPS game. Full of paranormal characters and challenging combat, F.E.A.R 3 is a fantastic game ideal for horror gamers.

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Arizona Sunshine

This is a VR game that allows you to roam around a scary zombie infested world where you are free to explore and kill.

Feel as if you are actually holding weapons, play on your own or with friends, this ultra realistic VR game is an amazing game for zombie lovers, horror lovers and immersive gaming gamers.

The reviews for this game are incredible and will make you crave a VR headset more than anything.

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Condemned 2

If you’ve been looking for a psychological thriller horror game then condemned 2 is your man. Play hand to hand combat in this incredible FPS game, play alone or with friends in its crazy campaign mode.

The world is all kinds of messed up, starting in the homeless community where the virus has gotten worse since the first game.

Survive, fight and learn in this incredibly psychological horror game. Find condemned 2 with a great discount on PS3 or Xbox.

Metro: Last Light

Mutants scower the city in this futuristic horror game. Filled with combat, heart racing moments and a crazy story.

The world is destroyed after a nuclear war, there’s mutants, disease and corruption throughtout the streets of Moscow.

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