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Cheapest Place To Buy Minecraft

Minecraft is a classic game. A game that you either love or hate, a game you have spent hours playing or a game that you bitch about.

Either way you can’t deny that the game did amazingly well and has a huge fan base. If you have never played minecraft it’s pretty simply to break down: you craft, explore, hunt, build and protect yourself against zombies, enemies, the cold, starvation and pretty much anything that would usually kill you.

The graphics are not what you would expect, everything is in blocks and it’s never changed, but again I think that’s something that makes minecraft unique and identifiable to everyone.

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Overview of Minecraft

Place blocks, build and explore the land. It really is that simple but it is amazing fun and 1 hour feels like a few seconds once you get in to the swing of things.

Knock through rocks and go mining to find special items, add to your stockpile so that you can build an amazing base or just go exploring and see what you can find.

The cube sandbox game is extremely popular, you can play single player, story mode or multiplayer and all modes are just as much fun as the other. Playing with a friend is also great because you can build an epic base, have your own bedrooms, home decor and tons of other stuff.

Amazing Minecraft Creations

As you can see from the video, some people have outstanding talent when it comes to building bases in minecraft. The possibilities are endless and whatever comes to your mind, you are able to build.

Water walls, lava walls, traps, bedrooms, gardens, farms, anything!

I love seeing what people have built, it really does amaze me sometimes when see all of the time and effort someone has put it and the base they have created is just jaw dropping.

Fun You Can Have In Minecraft

There’s tons to do in Minecraft, you just need to let your imagination run wild. The main thing people do is build epic bases and fight off the zombies, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can build a mine like train, you can farm and keep animals, you can play with friends and you can follow a story.

It’s such a simple game but the fun that can be had is just so pure and limitless.

I have left a video with some pretty funny and amazing things you can do inside minecraft but again that’s just one persons perspective and idea, you can literally make anything with your little cubes.

Games Like Minecraft

Just like every game, sometimes minecraft can get a little boring if we have spent years playing it. You may not even be bored of minecraft, you may just feel like playing something a little different with some of the same aspects as Minecraft and so I created a list.

This list isn’t games like minecraft these are the best open world games which of course, Minecraft is. However, they do all have the same open world aspect and if you’re looking for something new i urge you to check it out.

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