Roblox has a giant multiplayer community that is still really active. Roblox is available on loads of different devices so it is quite easy to see how it really is still so popular.

You can create anything, play with friends, learn, roleplay and just about do anything in roblox. It’s a great game and i have made a list of the best games LIKE roblox below for you to check out.

Ace Of Spades

(Battle builder) is a creative shooter game where you can build your own base and destroy that of your enemies.

You have complete creative freedom, just like in roblox. The multiplayer option is great and really allows you to get a feel of teamwork and just how important your role is in destroying the opponent.

The game has gone a little quiet as of late but you can easily set up your own servers to invite your friends.


You can build everything and anything and you destroy everything and anything. This is an FPS shooter game where you can create anything.

I would say it’s kind of like Minecraft just a little tweaked around the edges. You get the same kind of feel and the same addictive feeling when playing.

You create your character, weapons, your base and anything you can think of you just have to watch your back!

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Fortress Craft

Fortress craft involves the same elements as Roblox with its base building aspects but it actually possesses so much more. It has tower defense, crafting, logistics, exploration and tons of other aspects thrown in.

To survive in this game you must defend your factory against alien attacks and you must keep your eye on the goal – to create new energy sources and power systems and that’s just the start.

The game is pretty intense but it’s really rewarding and great fun once you get into it.

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Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is the same as Roblox in the sense that you can create your own games and fun. Inside of Garry’s mod you will find a ton of games to play and although the graphics aren’t anything to shout about, it is a great, cheap game.

There are a zombie survival games, there’s hide and seek, prop hunt, dinosaur themed games. So much lurks inside this game.

All of the games are different, there isn’t one thing that I would suggest you do to survive or win, you just need to explore Garry’s mod to understand.


I have mentioned how much I love Rust a few times. It’s so addicting and like Roblox the online community is huge.

The aim of the game in Rust is to survive, build a base, loot, find supplies, build and defend your base. You start with nothing but a rock and a torch and from there you must make your way around the huge maps with a plan to survive.

Most people will trick you but there are some good people out there who are willing to help you out or at least not shoot you.

The community isn’t very toxic, all I suggest is that you have a mic that you can use as it makes the game a lot easier if you can actually talk to other players.

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If you like rust and open world games then try out these games like Rust.

The Forest

The forest isn’t very similar to Roblox at all, the only similarity I wanted to point out was the whole exploration element and the sense of adventure that you get inside this game.

This game, I feel, would be better with a multiplayer community but in reality, it’s not a bad game. You find yourself stranded on a remote island after being in a plane crash, a bunch of cannibals live on this island and take your son and you spend your time hunting for your son, survivors and trying to look out for yourself.

Murder Miners

The graphics are so similar to Minecraft and roblox and this is really where I got the inspiration to include this game on this list. Murder Miners is an FPS game with building incorporated.

The gameplay is ‘Halo’ inspired where fans of that game will love the core of this game, the guns and the modes.

Build a ‘base’, destroy bases and just generally try and survive against other players and against zombies. You even have the ability to become the zombie and try and infect and kill others, which is pretty fun.

Block N Load

Block N Load is a free to play competitive FPS shooter defense game. It has the same sort of graphic style as Roblox, rust and Minecraft all mixed together.

You fight 5 vs 5 in battles to destroy each other and each other’s bases and defenses. The way you attack is really tactical, you can be underground, overground, sneaky or even just face on.

It’s a really competitive game and really good fun to play with friends.

game similar to roblox


An online multiplayer, ultimate survival game. It’s based in the future (2089) but the world is full of zombie esque creatures and other people looking to loot and kill you.

Miscreated is really similar to rust but I thought I would add it to this list because of the survival and base building aspects that we see in Roblox.

The game is still in alpha mode so it’s still getting fixed and they are still straightening issues but the game has brilliant feedback and is really nail-biting to play.


Terasology is a free to play game and at first glance, you will be forgiven for thinking that’s its actually a version of Minecraft, however, I can assure you it’s not.

Teratology has the same visuals as Roblox and Minecraft but it is actually its own game, It’s educational and actually pretty good fun. It does look extremely similar to other games and it even plays the same but there are some different aspects that you will learn all about when you download it.

Craft The World

This game is for people who enjoy the odd bit of ‘fantasy’ in their games. It’s a unique strategy game where you explore a world inhabited by different fantasy, dangerous creatures.

Build a base, collect the items to keep you alive and craft everything you need in order to survive this magical world.

There are different levels to the game all with different maps and different weathers, scenarios and things that will most likely kill you. You can also play as the leader, I believe it’s called ‘God Mode’ where you are in charge of an army of dwarves who build and do anything you ask if you look after them.

You can also use magic and defend your tower against monsters and other evil creatures roaming the worlds.



Minecraft is a legend of a game, virtually everyone you know has probably played it or even just heard of it. This game is one of the first that came to mind when I thought of games like Roblox, simply because of the base building, the survival mode, the gathering resources and the way it is suitable for just about everyone.

This classic game has always had a special place in my heart, you can spend hours and hours perfecting your base and collecting resources to make it and ideal location. You can keep pigs and cows as pets, defend your base and yourself against zombies, you can play with friends and it’s a simple, addictive game that anyone can play.

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If you want something like Minecraft you should just out these games similar to minecraft.


Just like I have said a few times on this list, this game looks and plays a little like Roblox, Minecraft and Rust all mixed into one.

In this sandbox game you are a survivor inside a zombie infested world and you must team up and survive inside the map.

You are free to explore, build, create, loot and scavenge, engage in battles with other players and there’s even a mode where you can try and rebuild society.

Some people think this game should have better graphics, more lifelike features to get a real feel for the world you are in but I think it should stay as it is. It gives the game its own twist and it’s just a generic survival game.


Ark: Survival Evolved (other games like ark) is a game based upon survival and outsmarting other players and mother nature.

This isn’t just a normal base building/survival game it has actually incorporated dinosaurs in to the mix and you can tame these beasts, kill or even breed them. I love this aspect of the game as you can actually use the dinosaurs to your advantage and use them to kill and hunt other players.

Ark also has a huge multiplayer online community which really is fun as you can leave your base and take your new pet dino out for a spin and if you encounter trouble, you’re more than likely fine.


This game takes the best bits of Roblox (the building/graphics) and adds an amazing competitive, shooter element.

You spend your time creating an arena or map and from where you fight for survival amongst an array of other players where anything is possible and anything can be destroyed with the right weapons.

There are also a few modes from your to choose from and for you to fight in so the game never really gets too ‘samey’.


Rimworld is a sci-fi game that generates stories. Its graphics are targeted to a specific kind of gamer but if you like that kind of feel, the game is great.

You must manage just about everything, fight every enemy that you encounter, trade, base build and decorate your base, build colonies, train your pets, capture refugees and so much more.

Rimworld is jammed full of surprises and things to do and places to explore, it’s a really more-ish game that you can easily spend hours on. It’s an extremely popular game, loved by gamers around the globe and honestly, once you test it out you will probably see why.

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Don’t Starve

Out in the wilderness, you must survive but essentially, not dying. This used to be one of my favorite games, having to survive for as many days as possible against mother nature, beasts and other things really does keep you driven.

Just like in Roblox, there is a huge survival element in play and in don’t starve you must gather all sorts of resources, craft and even use magic to allow yourself to keep on living and making it through each day.

You get to explore all of these creepy maps and you get absolutely no hints and no help whatsoever, making it even more challenging.

If you like survival games then you need to try these games like don’t starve, this list is pure awesome.

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7 Days To Die

An intense survival based open-world game where you must trust no one and fight against the ‘undead’.

It is a first-person shooter where you must build, craft, loot, create, explore, farm, hunt and kill in order to live in harmony inside this evil society.

The crafting inside this game is something most of the players comment on, it’s really phenomenal and gives you such a real feel. It’s something that really reminds me of that feeling inside Roblox and hence the reason for it making its way on to this list.

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The map of this game kind of reminds me of the old Super Mario games, although obviously a little better and a little more updated.

Terraria allows you to explore, fight, build and much more. So much can be done in this game you can fight against others in order to be the best or simply just build the best kingdom there ever was or you could dig your way around the map to find the treasure so that you can craft all sorts of mechanisms. Anything really is possible and everything is up to you.

It’s a great game for anyone, just like Roblox, it really can be enjoyed solo or with friends. It’s great and has great reviews.


The final game on my list of games like Roblox is Starbound. It’s an adventure, extraterrestrial sandbox game for anyone to enjoy.

The thing I really like about this game is that you can really play it however you want to, there’s no set story and you can take as long as you like doing whatever it is that you need to do.

Create your own home on your own planet and go around the universe, essentially looting, to build things you want or play multiplayer with friends or just simply explore the vast universe around you visiting different worlds and meeting new people.

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