Oh my god, it’s officially time to rewrite your gaming history and give you the next gaming title you’ll fall in love with.

Now, Rocket League is probably the BIGGEST sports game ever created and with its massive fanbase, it just keeps getting bigger.

If you’re like me you’ve been playing carball for years and finally you need something new to spice things up, that’s why I’ve created this list of games that are just like Rocket League (Some even better).

Now, I search the internet and over 50 websites for the best price of each game, the last time this article was price checked for the cheapest price was: 31st January 2023


FootLOL is a little different to Rocket League, in that you’re playing soccer and have access to landmines, cheats, aliens, even guns.

It’s like football with psychopaths, super intense and perfect for people who can’t stand still.

Don’t even get me started on multiplayer, your mind will be working at 100% and once you get in a game you’ll be addicted to the mayhem.

Laser League

Laser League will test your skills, patience, and reflexes and take you to a whole new level.

If you like intense gameplay, deep competition and multiplayer games you’ll dig this. Your job is to block and eliminate the competition with your laser shields.

This game mixes 26 maps, 16 power-ups, modifier effects and 6 powerful classes to play with.

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

If you’re looking for more of a Rocket League clone at a cheaper price then this is the game for you.

The gameplay, graphics and overall game mechanics are the same as Rocket League. You have a car, you can mod it and make it better and your number one goal is to score a big ball in the opponent’s goal.

The style is different enough to make for a good experience and it’s totally worth a try if you have a PS4.

ACE – Arena: Cyber Evolution

ACE mixes a Rocket league style with a more soccer feel.

The gameplay is unlike anything I’ve seen before, it’s addictive and works flawlessly.

Currently ACE is in early access with a 7/10 review on Steam, hopefully, they keep the game updated and keep making improvements if that happens this could be an awesome game to try after Rocket Leauge.

Turbo League (iPhone/Android)

If you can’t go anywhere without Rocket League, then you need to download Turbo League on your phone ASAP.

Turbo LEague is a Rocket League clone for IOS/Android, that is easily the most popular clone on this list, it’s played by hundreds of thousands of people and is completely free, so if you have a smartphone, you should download this now and enjoy some classic car carball.

Seriously this game has awesome graphics, cars and the game mechanics work flawlessly on my phone.



Videoball is a complete sports game, made by developers who’ve studied everything from first-person shooters to basketball and even real-time strategy games, this knowledge has allowed them to create an amazing sports action game.

VIDEOBALL allows you to compete online or solo, with team or without team and it really comes to life when you add a few friends and ramp up the competitivity.

Ball 3D: Soccer Online

Take Rocket League and switch the cars for tokens and you’ve got BALL 3d.

This game takes soccer to the next level and allows you to have more control over the ball.

You can enjoy multiplayer, co-op, 23 stadiums, 12 game modes and total control over the ball.

All of this comes as a Free-to-play game, so if you’re on the fence about trying this game, get off and download it, you have nothing to lose, plus it’s only 500mb in size.


Supraball takes ball style sports to the next level with first-person view.

Instead of using your feet, a car, even your head, you’ll be using a gun to pass and take shots, sounds weird, but the shooting mechanic seriously rules and is completely different to anything I’ve played before.

Guess what makes this game better?

It’s completely free to pick up on Steam (I got your back), so you can try it without any risk.

RocketBall: Championship Cup (Android)

Don’t let the fact this game is only on Android fall you, this may be the best game on this list.

RocketBall has over 170 thousand reviews and is completely free. It has a massive online community, it’s dynamic and the controls are easy to use.

It’s the same system as Rocket League, you’re a rocket-powered car with the end goal being to score more than the other team/person.

The graphics are epic and it’s one of the most addictive games for android I’ve played.

Dubai Drift 2

Dubai Drift 2 has over 300,000 reviews and is one of the largest car games you can get on mobiles.

Dubai Drift has so many game modes including a few like Rocket League just with loads of drifting.

For a free game on Android, you really can’t complain, it’s epic and is totally worth a try.

Super Rocket Ball (iPhone/Android)

We’re finishing up with another epic IOS/Android game that’s pefrect for people looking for Rocket League on their mobile phones.

Super Rocket Ball has 8 amazing cars, 8 awesome stadiums and is simple and easy to use (no complex controls).

You can join and start competing in carball with people all around the world in seconds.

You even have live chat, so you can build groups, create rivals and make the game more competitive.

It’s not pay to win, which is another reason to try this awesome game.

What Game Would I Recommend Playing After Rocket League?

So, if you have a smartphone I’d start with RocketBall, it’s an android version of Rocket League, it’s super addictive, easy to play and free (this would be my first stop).

If you don’t want a mobile game then I’d go for Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, it’s the perfect game to start after you’ve finished and got bored of Rocket League, you can get it on PS4’s online store.

Finally, I’d recommend FootLOL, it’s a little different, actually, it’s completely different to Rocket League, but that’s what makes it the perfect game to play after.

It’s super addictive, intense and is complete mayhem, which I love.

I hope you enjoyed this and found a game to replace Rocket League. If I missed any games please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list.

If you have any ideas or need any help with gaming send me a message. Have an awesome day.


  1. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars is the original Rocket League. Not a clone. It was made by Psyonix, the same people that made Rocket League. Rocket League is the sequel to SARPBC. Also this game is only on the PS3. Not on the PS4. People with a PS4 should just get Rocket League.