Fable is OLD, but damn it’s a game that left a big mark on a lot of us.

There’s just something mystical that stuck with me from this game, so I went on a journey to find some games that captured that same feeling.

Sometimes when I go on these journies I find a few awesome games and create a good list, however with Fable I went on an adventure and it lead me to some of the best games I’ve ever played.

This list is packed with games that recaptured the feelings fable gave me and have even created new voids that need to be filled with other games.

Before we start I just wanted to let you know I did a price check on 15th July 2024 of all the games on this list and found the cheapest place to buy them online, I do my best to update the prices weekly.

I Hope you’re as pumped as I am to read this list, remember if I missed any games tell me in the comments.

The Witcher

I’m going straight in with the kill and what is possibly the greatest game of all time.

With over 150,000 reviews on Steam and still a 10/10 score you don’t need me telling you how awesome The Witcher is.

The Witcher is based on a series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and is even getting created into a Netflix series.

It’s an intense open world, RPG game, the graphics are top level, the story is extraordinary and the gameplay is unmatched.

Your job is to hunt down horrible, demonic witches and murder them, it’s gripping, exciting and leaves you feeling like a badass.

If you’re looking for something like Fable that will leave you gripped look no further than The Witcher.


The Elder Scrolls series has come up against Fable a few times and people would wage war on which was better, but at the end of the day both these games are awesome and if you enjoy one of them you’ll enjoy the other.

So, if you like Fable, Skyrim (check games like Skyrim here) should be the first game you jump on. It’s an open world role-playing game, with an epic story, lots of grinding and amazing customization.

It left me wanting to live in the Skyrim world as my character, am I the only one?

Dragon Age

After Skyrim, Dragon Age had to be mentioned, these games have a lot in common.

Now, Dragon Age is more dark fantasy than Fable, but there’s still a lot of similarities.

The story has multiple endings, the world is filled with detail and the gameplay is as addictive as it comes.

Dragon Age (games similar to Dragon Age) was created by BioWare the same studio that created Mass Effect, so if you enjoy that style of single player games then jump on dragon age ASAP.

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma could possibly be one of the best games of all time (like a lot of games on this list), it’s an action-packed role-play hack and slash game.

We are talking magic powers, cutting people and monsters up and lots of gore.

Dragon’s Dogma is set in a huge open world filled with quests that you have to partake in. On top of that, you have complete control over customizing your character and exploring the beautiful open world.

Now Dragon’s Dogma is a little old, but if you get it on PC you will still have an amazing time.


I’m taking you to a completely different universe of games for a second, but hear me out.

At first glance of Fallout, you wouldn’t think Fable would be a perfect comparison, but Fallout has a lot of similarities.

It’s an open world game with story progression and control with the ability to horde items and allows for plenty of customization.

Different games, different worlds, but if you enjoy one, you will most likely enjoy the other.

You can check this awesome list of games like Fallout right here.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

Is probably the closest game on this list to Fable in terms of graphics and gameplay.

You’re again exposed to an open world jam-packed with story-rich gameplay and beautiful scenery.

You can choose your fate with the 7 customizable classes with over 1 million combinations of skills, abilities, armour and weapons.


Risen may be a little old now but don’t let the looks fall you.

Risen is an old-school gothic fantasy role-play game, filled with choices, customization and a free-to-roam open world, where every one of your actions has a consequence.

You will be fighting locals, crazy looking monsters who want your blood and see you as food and you even have to face earth-shattering earthquakes, all while you learn the art of combat.

Lot’s of treasure, lots of adventure and best of all it’s similar to Fable (win/win).

Banner Saga

Are you looking for something in the realm of Fable, but totally different?

If you are Banner Saga might be for you.

Bear in mind that Banner Saga is a complete wild-card, it’s a turn-based role-playing game, so if that’s not how you role, skip this game and move onto the next.

If however, you do enjoy turn-based games then you will have to use strategy, skills and luck to be successful in this Viking saga.

Each turn will dictate where you go, who you will become and whether you’ll become victorious.

Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade is another complete classic that’s a must play for anyone getting off the Fable wagon.

You will be placed in Calradia a place that’s in war, that will offer you great riches and greater danger to the adventures that will shed blood on its soil.

We’re talking open world inside the medieval city of Calradia, explore, kill, protect and use strategy to stay alive in this war-stricken world.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the classic game Gothic.

The Gothic game series has been going strong for some time and sadly they have not released anything recently, but if you’re willing to go back in time you can try Gothic 1-2-3 and enjoy some amazing adventures.

For an RPG over 17 years old, it still holds a punch.

Personally, I’d jump right to three, it’s most similar to Fable and was made in 2006, it’s all open world, gothic and filled with magic, adventure and quite decent graphics for an 11-year-old game.

Don’t judge it till you try it (trust me).

Dark Souls

Make Fable DARK, add mission structure and a non-open world and you get dark souls.

It’s painful to play and is a game built on trial and error.

Now, it’s not as difficult as people make out, but it takes you back to the 90’s with how hard it is.

The bosses mean business and this game isn’t going to let you win just because you die a bunch of times. The game likes your blood and won’t stop till it gets it on multiple occasions.

If you’ve completed Dark Souls then try one of these games like it.

Black Desert Online

I’m always surprised when I don’t hear more people bringing up Black Desert online. Look you may love it, you may hate it, but this game has definitely done something new and awesome.

Black Desert brings multiplayer, role-play and adventures on a massive level. The graphics rock, the combat system is one of the best and my addiction to playing this is next level.

Which Game Is Most Like Fable?

It’s pretty simple… START with The Witcher!

Then if you haven’t played it already move to Skyrim, the games are similar and it captures the feeling Fable gave me perfectly.

Then at this point, you’ll want something a little different, that’s the point you try Fallout, at the start, you’ll be like what the hell is this, but once you play a few hours you’ll be hooked, building your base and doubling down on that story.

Finally, jump on Dragon’s Dogma and that’s the perfect way to get over Fable.

Then you can play any of the games on this list because they are all awesome in honesty.

This may have been my favorite gaming article I’ve written in a while. While testing the games I got sucked into hours of amazing gameplay and have found some of my favorite games of all time.

As someone who got deep into Fable, I can tell you that these games on this list really do replace it in the best way possible.

If you have any ideas, questions or have a game I missed from the list, leave it in the comments and I’ll answer you and if it’s a game I’ll add it to the list.

Have an awesome day!