Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game, one where you build an incredible empire, wage war and so much more.

This game is adored and has a huge fan base but sometimes we all need to try something a little new and this is where this list comes in. I have searched high and low for the best games like civilization V, some are really similar and some just have a few elements but are games you will love.

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If you have any recommendations on games that you love that are similar to any of the games on this list, please leave them in the comments below.


Warlock Master of the Arcane is a fantasy turn-based strategy game (just like civilization V) that allows you to take on the role of a warlord who is looking for ultimate power. Build an empire, take down your enemies, push the boundaries and dominate the whole of Ardania.

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Age of Wonders

Adventure, RPG & strategy gaming all mixed into one. With its classic graphics, well-loved gameplay and the ability to play multiplayer make age of wonders unforgettable.

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Beyond Earth

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a science-fiction game where you lead an entire group of people onto an alien planet and must colonize and embark on your journey. Do this by researching, exploring, make decisions, make armies and loads more.

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Rise of Nations

A real-time strategy game that spans across history. Start with a small city in the Ancient age, build wonders of the world and span your empire across the world with 18  nations to dominate.

Conquer the world, take out hostile countries with bombers and tanks and expand your military for even more man power.

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Warcraft 3

Warcraft III is a fantasy rich real-time strategy game. There are four different races to play (humans, orcs, night elves and the undead). Train and defend against other races, gather resources, attack foes and train your units to explore the map. There are loads to do in this game and this is just the beginning.

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Galactic Civilizations III

The ultimate space strategy game, this takes you where no humans have ever been before. Head into space and colonize a new planet, wage wars, build intelligent technology, negotiate trade and even play again as one of the alien civilizations and learn everything there is to know about them.

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Endless Legend

Another turn-based strategy game to remind you of Civilization V. In Endless legend, you control every aspect of your homeland as you survive, use magic, build, grow and craft, keep your people in check and lead them to salvation. This game is constantly compared to Civilization V and in most cases, it’s even rated a lot more highly…

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Anno 2070 is an epic city builder that gives you the ability to build your colony and city in the future. Make giant societies inside incredible megacities, keep track of resources, build robots and even trade goods.

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The Settlers

Create, build and manage your very own kingdom in the settlers 7. Unravel the story as you play (something we don’t often see in city builder/simulation games), fight against enemies, flourish inside the beautifully designed map, build anything you want inside your own kingdom – including a transport system.

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Total War

Set inside a world of legends and fantasy, total war Warhammer is a turn-based empire building game.

Control 5 different races and make them the strongest force imaginable in order to defeat threats that come your way. The graphics in the battles are incredible, the battles themselves are great and the fact there’s dragons just makes it even better.

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Wings of liberty is a military science fiction real-time strategy game. The game is based on three different species. You must complete campaign missions, take in the wonderful, sci-fi world around you and enjoy every aspect of this awesome futuristic strategy game.

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Set in world war II, r.u.s.e. is a real-time strategy game that focuses on the invasion of Nazi Germany in 1941.

Manage your army, use tricks and stealth in order to trick your opponents, manage your economy. R.u.s.e focuses on information warfare rather than brute force so you are going to love this strategy game especially if love military games and Civilization V.

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Crusader Kings II

A grand strategy game set in medieval times. A great historical game that focuses on unraveling plots, being a great successor, maintaining relationships and defend your people against enemy forces.

There’s so much more to this game but I recommend you watching the trailer in order to get a real feel of the game and what it’s all about.

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Europa Universalis IV

This is an empire building game. Take your empire through the centuries and emerge yourself into historical accuracies, dominate your nation and take it through centuries with ease.

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Stronghold HD

This is the original castle simulation. Been thrown into historical battles, lead a group of crusaders and fight for your freedom. There’s over 100 missions for you to engage in, better graphics and the ability to design and build your fortresses.

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Empire Earth 2

This is a fairly old game but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good, it’s actually still overwhelmingly popular with players still obsessed with it all of these years later.

It’s a real-time strategy game, that has three incredible campaigns for you to enjoy. Each civilization has different powers and advantages, it’s up to you to be in control and use these to your advantage.

Age of Mythology

If you enjoy RTS games you will love age of mythology, battle with the help of mythological legends and call upon the Gods for help when you need it most, such as flattening an enemies town.

I find it’s quite similar to the age of empires but in this game, you get mythological creatures.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity

In this sci-fi strategy game you are the leader of an alien nation who are stuck in a galactic war. You must fight for survival for you and for the entire race.

However whilst fighting and distributing troops, you must also manage your empire and keep things running smoothly.

Age Of Empires

Age of empires, of course, had to be on this list of games like civilization V. Age of empires is a classic strategy game that requires you to base build, fight against other nations, manage your people and keep everyone happy and alive.

If you have already played age of empires don’t forget to check out this list of the most epic games like age of empires.


  1. Hero’s of might and magic… there are like 7 I think and one of the best ones is an earlier one I play this game as a kid so I don’t remember which one i liked the most bit you get to choose your so called nation it’s more like your race and your type of magical elements…