Games Like

Games Like

Have you ever became fixated on one game, having it take over your life? I have and it sucks when that game is complete or you finally become bored of it.  I have a fix for your problem, I've taken the GREATEST games that have had many of us addicted and I've found games that are just like them, some even better. This makes finding your next game as easy as clicking a button. All the games on all these listicles are hand picked from best sellers, highest reviewed, Reddit and our voted by you ladies and gents.  This ensures that each game has an AMAZING selection of games just like it for you to enjoy. If we ever miss a game, feel free to let us know and we'll add it right away.

games similar to resident evil

22 Of The Greatest Games Like Resident Evil

Resident evil is a classic game, either you have played it or you know all about it and have always wanted to play it. It's a survival based,...
games like red dead redemption

11 Of The BEST Wildwest Shooters Like Red Dead Redemption

If you love the open-world western game that is red dead redemption but want something new, I have made a list of the most popular games that...
games similar to dying light

16 Zombified Games Like Dying Light (Must See)

Dying light with its incredible graphics, parkous aspects that I have never seen before in a game and of course its amazing storyline is going to be...
games similar to destiny

16 Addictive Games Like Destiny

Destiny is a hugely popular online multiplayer game, take on the role as guardians of the earth, roam around killing other beings and essentially protecting the earth...
games similar to age of empires

20 Of The Most EPIC Games Like Age Of Empires

Age of empires is te classic strategy game. It's been around for so long now that its impossible to ever think of it losing its popularity. I have...

games similar to banished

14 Games Banished Fans Will LOVE

Banished is an amazing micro management, strategy game where you build your own town from nothing. I love banished and so do so many...