Sports games aren’t for everyone, some gamers don’t really understand them but the gamers that do play them, understand that thrill of being a virtual athlete, working with a team, being a coach or even a manager.

Below are the top 16 best sports games for you to check out, if you have any suggestions of your own please leave them in the comments below for everyone to enjoy and check out.

Rocket League

Rocket league (Rocket League game alternatives) mixes soccer with vehicles. It has a futuristic approach to the classic we all know by incorporating cars that can shoot balls into the opponent’s goal using the vehicle to maneuver and the rocket to speed up and shoot.

Play with friends or online and enjoy shooting goals, getting that competitive feel and experiencing something a little different with sports gaming.

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If you like driving, then check out the greatest racing games of all time.

Fifa 18

We all know fifa and so the latest edition had to be added on the list. It’s loved by so many sports gamers and the latest version has had some pretty positive feedback.

An awesome story mode, expressive gameplay and upgraded new and improved features for this classic football game. You can get Fifa 17 half price here on Xbox, PC and PS4.


Take to the slopes in this open-world ski/snowboarding/paragliding and wingsuit simulation. Explore the mountains alone or with friends, create your own paths, compete in challenges and enjoy the spectacular landscape that surrounds you.

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Mark McMorris Infinite Air

Another snow filled gaming experience. Join the pro snowboarder ‘Mark McMorris’ in this open-world snowboarding adventure.

There are infinite mountains to explore, compete in real-world events with friends and use ramps, rails, mountains and more in order to practice your skills.

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F1 2017

Let me start by saying that the graphics in this game are second to none, the glare from the cars, the attention to detail and even the soundtrack is impeccable.

F1 2016 allows you to work with your team, your manager, build a career and engross yourself in your F1 career.  I’ve found F1 2016 for $15.

Blood Bowl

This crazy games take American football and Warhammer and smashes them together and makes ‘Blood Bowl’.

Enjoy turn-based strategy, humorous commentators, surprising events and even divulge into a story mode.

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Football Manager

Take complete control of your football team and become the best manager of the best club in the world.

There’s thousands of real clubs that you can manage and thousands of players for you to sign, use and ditch. You’re in total control of how your team plays, pep talks, instructions and everything in between.

NBA 2k17

NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation game. Play a career, become the best NBA player and work your way up the ranks, signing deals and moving onwards and upwards.

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Dirt Rally

If you love the idea of being a rally driver, dirt rally is the ultimate rally driving game. The cars are authentic, there are tonnes of rallies for you to drive in and enjoy with epic scenery, upgrade your car, hire a team and enjoy every moment.

It’s not an easy game but it’s satisfying to play once you learn how to control your car and take on tough corners, muddy valleys and ice.

Poker Night 2

Play poker at a table full of some of the most famous gaming characters, enjoy the witty banter, unlock special items and most of all, win the card games. You can get this game for PC at 70% off ($2).

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Tony Hawk’s pro skater has been around forever but this latest version is new and improved with new features that old time players will appreciate.

Become a pro-skater with missions, challenges, obstacles and more. Play either offline and solo or online and multiplayer so you can enjoy this skater game with friends or alone.

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An open-world racing game where players can enjoy the beautiful Australian scenery, be the manager and set up the races, the other racers, their cars ethnicity and much more.

It’s a well-loved game in the competitive racing game genre and if you like the look of the trailer I have found an epic discount using the link above.

WWE 2k17

Create and customize your player, get in the ring and enjoy the intense gameplay, realistic shots and a whirlwind of a career mode.

Rise to the top, smack talk other players, be the best wrestler and become a hall of fame celebrity.

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EA Sports UFC 2

This game is a mixed martial arts with gameplay that scarily resembles real life UFC fights. Pick from a vast number of players, enjoy a load of different moves that you can perform and even compete in career and team modes. There are loads of epic features to this game that make each player and mode spring to life, with realistic scenarios and heavy realism.

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OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

Take to some of the most famous locations and ride through the map as confidently and skillfully as you can.

With new tricks, new worlds, new levels, a multiplayer mode and an incredibly addictive visual.

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Wii Sports

Wii sports is a classic sports video game, where you can enjoy tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing.

It’s really interactive with attention to detail and it even gets you up and moving around as if you really were playing the chosen sporting category.