I’ll admit it… I’m not a big fan of what goes bump in the night.

I mean Most of these games were played out of being tricked, thinking I was clever or having friends pepping me up.

With that being said I can honestly say these games are AWESOMELY scary.

Anyone looking for a deep dark story, a jump scare or something epic to play with their friends will truly love this list.

Dead By Daylight

Probably a more light horror game.

In a sense there’s not to many jump scares and not a story mode.

However, if you like being chased by a murderer while you and four others have to flic on generators you’ll love this game.

Now, when it released there was a few problems, but as the months have gone on all of them have cleared.

So if you want a great multiplayer experience with friends try out this game.

dead space

Dead Space


I think it could be you know.

I mean there’s not many games that capture a great story, great jump scares and great gameplay and Dead Space does all that and more.

I feel like in the past this has been my go to horror game and even though it’s a little old it’s still BAD-ASS!

Five Nights At Freddy’s

I didn’t want this list to be filled of 5 minute jump scare games, so I’ve added the scary games I actually enjoy.

One of them being five nights!

Why do I enjoy it?

I love the element of adrenaline, I love the quickness and I love how at the start it’s about fear and then it grows into addiction as you try to survive an extra night.

With or without friends this is a killer game that should be played.

best horror game


Want scary?

No, I mean really want scary?

Well then there’s only one way you can go…

…That’s the Amnesia way.

This game is packed with jump scares, challenges and pour fear.

There’s lots of hunting objects, hiding and ghostly happenings.

Sound like what you want?

outlast horror game


This is they BEST scary game that I’ve played.

Seriously… The game mechanics are awesome and it’s by far the best horror game of the past 2 years.

It’s dark, deep and it will make you jump.

If you want to see this game in action just look at YouTube, you’ll see full grown men losing their mind and not wanting to play it.

Worse is that it’ll probably get into your dreams too, so be careful dudes/dudettes.

P.T (Silent Hill)

I remember playing this demo for Silent Hill and basically popping myself.

I’ve never seen a better designed map and horror game and it’s a shame I’ve not played the actual silent hill game (Is it even out?).

Pushing that aside, P.T is one of the game chaning horrors and a must for all you horror lovers out there.

Plus, it’s FREE.

manhunt 2 cover


I played the hell out of this game on my PSP and man was it good.

Now it’s not as scary as some of the games on the list, but it is purely twisted.

You’re talking mental hospitals, stabbing people and a similar playing style to gears of war… Silent, stealthy and killy.

This game captured mental people perfectly and is perfect for a gamer who doesn’t want jump scares, but wants darkness and lots of blood.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

A very deep dark game that uses lighting and darkness to scare the hell out of you.

The game is optimized well and I believe it’s only for the PC right now.

That being said it’s totally worth the price tag and has great reviews and feedback.

Basically, you’re the best detective and you start following the death list to find some things that should have been left alone.

Sound tempting?

Go watch the trailer.

Resident Evil

I’m yet to play Resident Evil 7 (games like resident evil), but have heard it’s them ost terrifying VR game on the market and is a MUST for any horror junky.

After looking at the trailers, the graphics look next level, the story looks exceptional, the movements and gameplay look scary in their self and all in all I’ll be getting it as my next game.

It’s like they’ve taken it back to number 4, made it 20x better and that makes me HAPPY.

As res 4 was one of the greatest mutant zombies? games ever!

The Evil Within

With some very dark scenes and a deep story the Evil Within is a pure adventure, well if all adventures start with being hung up in a serial killers dungeon?

The reason this game is on this list is it brings something a little different to the table, something I’ve really enjoyed, it’s not all fear, it’s a mix and that mix is something I really have to have inside horror games to stop me giving up, rage quitting or getting bored.

greatest horror game

Alan Wake

This game is seriously underrated.

In words it’s a mix of adventure horror and is heavily based around story, as most of the games on this list are.

That being said there are multiple times in this game were ish gets real and the jump scares come out to play.

what I’m trying to say, is this game handles the sig and sag feature horror games need to keep you interested extremely well.