GTA is an awesome game, every single one of us has a funny story to tell, a great tip or just great experiences on the game.

I have grown up playing each and every edition and now that independent developers are creating MODS to make grand theft auto more fun, add a little twist or even just so you can try something different, really makes me happy and I thought I would share the hard work done by these people.

You can easily install these mods and really they are all worth checking out if you want a new-ish gaming experience with GTA.

I also recommend checking out my video on the Best games like GTA, ignore the hate you don’t want to be like them ha ha.


This mod has to be my absolute favorite. The rest are incredibly good but Redux is just something else, they have done a complete overhaul on the graphics making everything so much sharper, crisper and realistic.

Everything from rubbish blowing down the street, the glare coming from the ocean and an absolutely breathtaking new weather system. The textures are just so much more immersive and true to life but it doesn’t all end there. Watch the video to get just a small sensation of what redux looks like, you will not be disappointed.

Multiplayer Co-op

I urge you to watch the video to really get a sense of this mod, because there’s just no way I can do it justice.  It’s everything that GTA V online should have been, it’s so much fun and honestly worth the download.

Script Hook V + Native Trainer

This MOD allows the player to have all of the cheat modes all in one super convenient location. Spawn cars, animals, be invincible, no cops, all cops, spawn any vehicle and more. Any cheat you know of and it will be there waiting for you in one spot.

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

This gta mod changes the way the police work. Now any crime must be called in by on-lookers so not only can you get away but if you kill them, they can’t exactly call the police. Everyone doesn’t scream and run from gunshots, on star means just one police patrol car after you (which makes it a lot more realistic), police helicopters now take 2 minutes to respawn rather than the magical second they usually take. There’s also so much more to this mod that you can enjoy.


Just like the multiplayer co-op mod, this mod is better off explained by the video. I hate not doing something justice and I would hate to ruin your experience of such an awesome mod.

Simple Zombies

If you ever wished you could kill zombies in GTA well now you can with this epic zombie mod. Fill the map with these scary creatures that are looking to hunt you down. The world is dirty, dark and dingy and all of these adds an incredible atmosphere in this zombie world. It’s so much fun to play and I do wish it had been around sooner.

Open All Interiors

This mod is one all of us wanted at some point. Being able to access every interior in the game, is just amazing.

All of those locked buildings we couldn’t access before as we wondered what lay inside are now open and we are free to explore them at our heart’s desire. It does make me wonder why they were never opened before but even so I am forever grateful for this mod.

Ped Riot/Chaos Mode

This mod is actually pretty hilarious, everyone is in a bad mood and every citizen will kill you if you come to close or pose a threat, not just that but there are no cops to save you.

There’s also the option for an apocalypse, a financial meltdown, doomsday and other catastrophic scenarios.

No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod

In this mod you can experience either a tsunami (utterly devastating aftermath), a terrible drought or discover the lost city of Atlantis.

It makes the game a little different and is really well done, i love the idea of having no water anywhere and seeing what the world would look like with absolutely no water.

GTA V Re-Sized

This mod re-sizes your game so that the mods are much easier to play and hopefully you don’t experience any bugs when playing!

If you want to see these mods live then check out this video I created on the best grand theft auto mods, it’ll give you a few extra mods to try and you can see all the above live.

I love GTA so this was a blast to create and I love these mods, if you have any mods to add to the list use the comments.

Have an awesome day peeps.