There’s a specific type of gamer that loves blood, guts and everything in between. Not in a weird way, it’s just sometimes extremely satisfying to take out zombies, creatures and hostile people and be greeted with realistic gore. It immerses me into a game and I am sure I am not alone.

Below I have listed the top 15 gory games and I can’t wait for you to check them out.


The graphics for this game are just too much and you can see just by watching the trailer how much they grab your attention. The developers have done an amazing job taking care of every detail inside Doom.

You’ve been recruited to kill all demons between our world and theirs. There’s plenty of blood, gore, guts and more for you to sink your teeth into and enjoy. Doom is so savage when it comes to killing, it’s relentless but so satisfying and so much fun.


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Dying Light

Dying light is another game that features incredible graphics and attention to detail. Sitting in a dark room and playing this takes you into another world, it completely sucks you in.

The story is really touching but best of all the parkour mixed with killing hordes of zombies, hostile enemies and anything that crosses your path is not just brutal but a wonderful feeling in this unpredictable world.

Follow the story as you try and find a cure for this deadly zombie disease and come to terms with who you know and what you know. If you want this game, I found the best price online ($10) on Xbox, PS4 and PC.

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The clue is in the name of this game. The gore is real and it is so satisfying in this dark, victorian, Role-playing game.

The Hunter (you) must find out the terrifying and intriguing secrets of this town whilst also killing and hunting the beasts that lurk within. You must also try and terminate the source of the plague that is infecting the town in order to escape this terrifying ordeal.

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Play as 1 of 4 and play in this crazy comic book style world and fight off creatures, psychos and nasty masterminds.

It’s a relentless quest for revenge and redemption where you can loot, enjoy a tonne of weapons, open world and humour provided by the characters.

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You’re a lone warrior in this crazy mad max game. The world is scary, open and like something from an apocalyptic nightmare.

Fight to stay alive, engage in epic battles against bandits on foot and in cars. Immerse yourself into life-threatening missions and quests in order to find parts for your vehicle in order to escape this horrific world.

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The only way to describe this game is ‘utterly horrifying’. It’s filled to the brim with disturbing characters and gore, you just have to watch the trailer to feel on edge.

Outlast is an FPS, survival horror where you must explore an abandoned mental asylum in order to find out its underlying dark secrets.

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Dead By Daylight

Play 1 vs 4 in this scary multiplayer horror game. One of you plays the killer and the others must escape in order to survive.

The killer plays from a first-person perspective and the survivors with a third-person perspective, however, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. You have to avoid being tortured and killed by a loose murderer and each time you play the environment is different.

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Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam is an action packed FPS game that splatters blood and gore everywhere each time you take someone or something out.

There’s a multiplayer option, an arsenal of weapons, amazing environment, arcade-style action where the onslaught never ends and you need to take out them all and much more. This game was made in 2011 and it’s still extremely popular and it’s really not hard to see why.

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Shadow Warrior 2

The environment, landscape, graphics and detail on this game are breathtaking and if you’re worried about being immersed, this game takes you and plunges you into the depths of this game with its jaw-dropping attention to detail.

Play multiplayer or alone and follow the story in order to take out the demonic powers that are overruling the world. Use an array of weapons such as blades, guns and magic to take them out and watch heads roll.

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Wolfenstein is all action, along with a wonderful story and first-person combat. If you enjoyed any of the other Wolfenstein series you will love the old blood.

Follow the dark and shady story and find yourself on a very dangerous missions that threatens to take out life as we know it.

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Metro 2033

After an apocalyptic event that occurred in 2013 some survivors took refuge in the underground in Moscow. It’s now 2033 and the survivors are still there.

Mutants and other evil forces lurk outside as you all fight for survival inside. You must warn the others inside the underground of dangers that lurk and that are coming. It’s a race against time, dangerous and thrilling to play.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 dead 2 is a gory classic that evokes all kinds of zombie killing feels. Take out giant hordes of zombies along with 3 other characters that can be either your real friends or just computer characters that help you fight off these creatures.

The blood splatter, gore and satisfaction is real when playing this game. It’s an all-time favorite of mine and definitely one to check out if you like just simple ‘take out’ missions.

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Killing Floor 2

Killing floor 2 is another one of my all time favorite gory games. Start off on wave 1 where waves of zombies come at you and you can kill them off with ease, however as the levels progress the zombies increase in numbers and you find yourself screaming as you click and shoot at these blood thirsty monsters.

Play online or solo against these zombies, watch as blood flies everywhere and coats the floor. Beads of sweat fly from my head when playing this game but beating the big boss on the last level and all of the other zombies is just wonderful.

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The Darkness 2

This game is awesome if you’re into FPS, horror, drama, tragedy and the supernatural. Take on the character of Jackie Estacado and journey with him through gripping stories, intense moments and powerful supernatural abilities.

I don’t want to give too much away with this game but it is epic.  Get this game for $7 using our discount links on Xbox and PC.


The graphics are so spectacular, set in Roman times enjoy the picturesque landscape and attention to detail in every sense of the word.

Seek revenge on barbarian bandits and travel across the lands in order to make an army. There’s a lot of combat, a lot of blood and heck it’s a gory game.

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