Gaming glasses? Why would I need those? Hey, I was right there with you until about a year ago. I was getting sore eyes all the time, headaches and I was sure that I had poor eyesight.

Turns out my peepers were just fine, but it was all of the blue light that I was exposed to while playing video games, working on my computer and looking at my phone that was causing my eyes problems.

The optometrist suggested I get a pair of special glasses that are made to help with this. I did and I can honestly tell you my eye strain and headaches are a thing of the past.

The Best Gaming Glasses

Gaming Glasses

I price checked this glasses on the 23rd June 2024 and found the best price on these gaming glasses here.

These glasses are the gaming glasses that I use and even though they have a modest price, I would never look elsewhere.

These are the best glasses that you can get and I assure you that if you find you have a headache after an all-night Overwatch session or your 20th game of Fifa in a row is making your eyes itch that these glasses will be a godsend for you.

I looked for quite a while for a set of glasses that first of all would not make me look more of a dork than I already do, but also be comfortable all the while protecting me from that nasty blue light.

The Benefits Of Using Anti Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking glass

Ok so I have told you what I consider to be the best gaming glasses are, but here I want to tell you why if you are a gamer or if you look at a computer screen all day or spend a ton of time on your phone, glasses like this are one of the best purchases you can make.

  • Reduces Visual Fatigue And Eye Strain

Apart from headaches my eyes always feeling tired and sore was the main reason that I knew there was something up with my eyes. Eye strain is when you are looking at a screen for a long time. Your eyes feel like they want to close and have a rest and in general, they have a very uncomfortable and sore feeling to them.

Glasses like this actually stop that from happening which is great.
One extra tip that I want to give you is that even with the glasses taking a 20-second break for every 20 minutes of gaming or screen time will also help. You can do it during a loading screen or in between levels if you are playing a game. While this does work, remembering to do it is easier said than done so having these glasses actually helps me out as I do more often than I would like, forget to take regular 20-second breaks.

  • Stops Sleep Cycle Disruption

If you are a heavy phone user, especially while you are laying in your bed just before you go to sleep, you may have trouble falling asleep and getting a good night sleep. This is because the blue light really does play havoc with your eyes and senses. These glasses will help prevent that from happening.

I will be honest and say that for years I have had trouble falling asleep, even before my eyes started getting sore. With these glasses though, I have noticed that I do not have as much trouble falling asleep and a huge part of that is that my eyes are protected from the blue light from various screens be it the TV or my phone.

  • Helps Reduce Headaches

When you get a headache that is brought on from eyestrain it really does suck.

Unless you have had one of these you do not know what it is like. I used to try massaging my temples, opening and closing my eyes, even taking a break, but nothing would really work and it would feel like an age until my headache would go away. You will find that your frequent screen induced headaches will be a thing of the past with a set of gaming glasses.

One thing I want to add about headaches is that for me it would very rarely happen while I was gaming or on my computer. It would actually be after and I was doing something else, a headache would hit me like a dump truck!

  • Reduces Blurred Vision

While I did have more than a few problems with my eyes due to the amount of screen time they were seeing. Blurred vision was not something that I personally suffered really bad from. Although on occasion my eyes would get super watery which as you can imagine was very, very annoying. If you do find that long gaming session gives you some kind of blurred vision, you really need to get a pair of glasses that will help shield your eyes from blue light.

Why These Gaming Glasses Are My Favoriteblue light blocking glasses

Sure there are many different gaming glasses or blue light protection glasses out there, but I really do think that these GAMMA RAY Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer Glasses are the best of the best and I wanted to share a few reasons as to why.

  • The Price Is Amazing

I know that you will be thinking that these kind of glasses will cost you a ton of money. I am sure that there are many expensive pairs out there, but my optometrist told me that there is no need at all and that you can get a fully functioning pair for under 20 bucks. Turns out she was right as this pair here (depending on the size) will cost you between 15 and 20 bucks.

  • These Glasses Have Over 3500 Reviews

It was not just the price that attracted me to these glasses. Like most of you guys I always look online for reviews and on Amazon, these glasses have over 3000 reviews. With over ¾ of these reviews being for 5 or 4 stars. That is some very positive feedback and that really made me take notice.

  • The Highest Quality Gaming Glasses I’ve Used

Now granted I cannot tell you about other glasses that you could wear for gaming and to protect your eyes from blue light in general.

However, I can tell you that the quality of these is first rate all the way. They are designed to be robust and also comfortable so as a result, they are nice and light. However, I have dropped mine about a million times and there has been no damage and the lenses are free from scratches.

The build quality at this price was the main thing I was concerned about, but I can hand on heart say that these are very well made and as long as you do not drop them and then stand on them. They are going to serve you very well during your all night gaming sessions.