Resident evil is a classic game, either you have played it or you know all about it and have always wanted to play it.

It’s a survival based, horror game that has just gotten better and better over the years. However, sometimes we can all get a little tired of games and today I wanted to make a list of all the most popular games like resident evil so if you’re looking for something new, you will find it below.

There’s also a video you should check out if you want to see some more of Best Survival Games.

The Evil Within

This game is created by the same developer from the resident evil series so you already know it’s going to have an epic story and terrifying characters.

If you like resident evil 4 you will love this game with its brutal traps, horrorific creatures, twisted world and uncertain outcomes.

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The atmosphere, the characters and the suspense outlast make it a truly scary game to play. You find yourself breaking in to a mental asylum to discover its deep dark secrets, inside you find yourself with pure evil and your only chance of survival is to run or hide.

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Dying Light

The graphics in this game are incredible, there’s this whole parkour aspect that allows you to outrun zombies and get to your destination quicker.

You’re free to explore the world, but you always have something ‘to do’. There’s missions galore, frightening zombie hoardes, scary gangs and an epic story line.

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If you’re a horror fan you HAVE to play this game, it’s so scary but not filled with gore and cheap thrills but its packed with everything that will leave you feeling so uneasy and terrified.

Amnesia is a first person survival based game that will leave you feeling so uneasy and as if you are constantly never alone. It’s super immersive and will shake you to the core.

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Silent Hill

The graphics of this version of silent hill isn’t the best but the game itself is voted one of the best games like resident evil and so I had to put it on this list because it is a deserving candidate.

It’s a survival based horror game, much like resident evil and in this installment you must try to escape your apartment but of course it will never be that simple. The story is great, your survival instincts beg to be kicked in and your mind never wanders for long.

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White Night

Darkness is a constant worry in this game, the whole game is in black and white and this just puts a whole new spin on horror games as we know them.

Explore an old 1930’s mansion with a well paced story, interesting graphics and try and escape by solving puzzles and focusing on getting out.

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Alien: Isolation

In this survival based horror game you must explore the world in order to find out what happened to your characters mother.

The world is a desperate, scary place where the whole world is panicked aside a ruthless alien. The story is incredible, the graphics, character development and the drive to survive make this game just simply great and you really should check it out. There’s also a discount that I found that you should really check out to save some money on PC, Xbox or PS4.

Layers of Fear

Set in a spooky victorian mansion, dive in to this first-person psychedelic horror game and feel unease and uncertainty at every corner and in every room.

The settings are enough to creep you out but mix that with the intense atmosphere, the ever-changing mansion and terrifying scenarios and you have yourself an awesome horror game like resident evil.

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This is the second psychological horror game on this list and P.T is not for anyone who doesn’t look to be absolutely spooked.

There’s supernatural forces at play, frightening events and a terrifying atmosphere all around you. Solve puzzles and investigate in order to escape this haunted setting.

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A great psychological horror, survivial and FPS game that rakes you in to the depths on the cities underground system where you have grown up your whole life. The world above is a post-apolcalyptic nightmare and due to an event you must now warn everyone else.

It’s a deeply immersive, mesmerizing game that is ideal for anyone looking for something like resident evil or the book of eli.

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Alan Wake

A psychothriller with an amazing story, fast paced story telling, immersive scenarious, plot twists, sinister details and fantastic music and scenario settings.

Alan wake is like a movie but this time you’re the main star, it’s a really great game if you’re in to horror, thriller games, psychological games, immersive stories and likeable characters.

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An RPG, FPS, horror filled, sci-fi game, bioshock is a crazy game that makes you the hero. Your character must find who is snatching small girls and taking them in to the underground city. You go looking for answers in this fallen city and not just fight for justice and answers but for your own survival.

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Call of Cthulhu

An investigative horror game in a semi-open world full of mystery, investigation and psychological thrills.

You play as a private investigator who is investigating in to the death of an entire family, it’s compelling, heart wrenching and terrifying.

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Enjoy hand to hand combat in this psychological horror game. There’s mass psychosis amongst the city, it all began in the homeless community but it has since spread around the entire population and nothing is being done about it.

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Set in a post-apolcalyptic future, this online game is an extremely hardcore survival game where you must learn to survive and fight against mutants, other players and of course natural elements.

The graphics and gameplay are great and really make this game even more fun. The mutant/zombies are scary and seemingly creep up on you out of nowhere but the other players are the ones not to trust.

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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 dead is a heart pounding single or multiplayer game that leaves you scared to walk down an dark alley alone.

Fight with friends agains hoardes of zombies, horrifying sleeping witches and giant mutant zombies. The waves of zombies come thick and fast the more noise you make and once you’re out of ammo, you’re out until you find some more.

It’s a pretty old school game but it is so much fun and really gets your heart racing.

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If you like ZOMBIE games check these AMAZING zombie games.

No More Room in Hell

A realistic first-person game that’s free to play!

You must try to survive in this world full of disease, death and the undead. Work with your team in order to find ways to live and ways in which to survive living on this earth.

Killing Floor

Killing floor is wave based survival game. Fight against scary mutated, quick zombies on each wave, start with a pretty easy amount and end the waves drowning in blood and guts. You then must defeat the boss along with your teamates, but don’t stray too far or he will come after you…

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Zombie Army Trilogy

Play this third-person shooter game and defeat the undead nazi zombies along with your teammates. It’s intense, thrilling and oh so satisfying in the most gruesome, apocalyptic, explosive game.

If you enjoy killing zombies, working as a team and having constant pressure on you to kill and survive then you will surely love zombie army trilogy.

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Another free to play game that i wanted to add to this resident evil list. In fallen earth you find yourself in 2156 and the earth is no more.

Everything has been destroyed by nuclear and chemical war and so you must fight so survive in this crazy open world, multiplayer, online game.


DayZ is still in early access mode so there are still some issues the developers are figuring out, however this means the game will only get better over time and if you like it now you will love it later.

This game is gritty, intense and plays on your fight for survival in this zombie filled world that we now call home.

Every decision matters in this game, whatever path you take, your interactions and your choices all boil down to you and if you die, it’s game over, you must start again.

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Contagion is a unique zombie survival game that has a realistic and unpredictable approach to its world.

Discover new enviroments, characters and story development as you progress through this different kind of spin on your average zombie game.

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