Welcome fellow gamers who want to fill that deep void left by Need for Speed.

I’m going to be showing you the BEST games like need for speed, along with some wildcards fellow drivers may love.

This list truly is a mix of my favorites, the people’s favorites and the gaming world’s favorites and if there’s anything I’ve missed just tell me in the comments and I’ll add it.

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Let’s get this list STARTED!

Assetto Corsa driving game

Assetto Corsa

Could be the ultimate driving game of this year, with it’s openVR and Vive support you can not only experience the raw of a beefy engine but now you can be inside a car as it flys at 200 MPH.

What if you don’t have VR? No problem, this game is still one of the best driving simulators around.

The intense realism, mixed with the addicting sports aspect make for an amazing racing experience all car lovers will enjoy.

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Project Cars

Project CARS

Go beyond your computer screen and experience a handcrafted driving simulator that’s been guided, tested and approved by a passionate community of racing fans and drivers.

Suck yourself into the world of fuel guzzling racers and learn how you’ll dominate the land of racing.

Project CARS also comes with full support of VR and has next-gen graphics, authentic handling and 12k HD resolution.

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forza horizon

Forza Horizon 3

Is MY ALL TIME favorite car game.

Nothing has done it quite like Forza Horizon and I can tell you that the game completely lives up to the hype around it. If you want a game that is similar to need for speed, but better in every way then horizon will be the game for you.

This open world, drift packed game with over 350 cars is ready to blow your mind and allow you to experience real driving with your friends unlike ever before.

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gta 5 pc

Grand Theft Auto

I had to include grand theft auto into this list as it’s probably the most played car game of ALL TIME.

I know GTA isn’t specifically a car game, but I must admit GTA has the best car mechanics. I mean it’s so fun to drive cars and bikes and it’s a real pleasure to tune up and race friends and cops as you battle online.

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Like GTA style games? You’ll love this list of Epic games similar to GTA 5.


If you like track racing then you’ll be a fan of IRacing.

This is a game that’s constantly being updated and has one of the most killer driving simulators.

The down side is the fact the game wants monthly payments, which is DUMB.

I mean it’s an incredible game and would have a massive community if they charged a one off price or at least lowered the monthly cost down to a few dollars, I mean $15 per month is just too much for most the youth and adults to fork out on a game every month.

However this game does offer a truly unique and awesome experience.

Shift game

Shift 2

Shift had to be mentioned on this list as it shares loads of the same features of Need For Speed.

Become immersed with the hundreds of cars, the tune-up options and the online racing and experience the air run through your in-game hair as you smash every online race… Or come last and rage as I do.

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Dirt Rally

Dirt: Rally

Dirt is and I believe always will be my favorite rally racing game.

With dirt: Rally they really blew me away, with the thrilling camera angles, the amazing graphics, the realism and way the car gives you feedback it’s hard not to get sucked into to this awesome game.

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Grand Turismo

There’s no way I could do a list of games like Need for Speed and not mention Grand Turismo.

No, it’s not the exactly the same, but as a car fan you’ll find it just as addictive and if you enjoy simulation it’s one of the best console car simulators around.

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games like need for speed

Burnout Paradise

It’s time to through it back all the way to 2009 with Burnout Paradise.

This was and still is an absolute classic car game that shares so much with the Need for Speed Series.

Believe it or not this game still has an active community and is still played, so if you want something a little old school, crazy and destruction based then grab it and have a blast.

You can get it for a few bucks here.


Driveclub is the PS4’s version of Forza.

In my opinion Forza wins, however, DriveClub definitely has it’s strong features.

It comes packing with ultra realistic graphics, an array of cars, amazing feedback inside the cars and honestly, it makes you feel like your inside the game.

This game smashes anything I played when I was younger and if this was around I’d have been completely hooked.

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Other than the fact there’s cars and driving BeamNG doesn’t have anything similar to Need For Speed.

Why is it on the list?

BeamNG is a wildcard and a game I feel any car enthusiast will enjoy. It’s basically a car destroying simulator, you pick your car, you jump it off cliffs and drive into walls and see just how much damage you can do.

Sound holo? It’s not, you’d be surprised how addictive doing this can actually be and when you can get it for $5 here you really don’t have a choice but to try some car crushing goodness.



Fast, Famous and Destroying your opponents is what you hope for while playing Grid 2 and if you’re good enough it’s what you’ll get.

This adrenaline infused game opens up a world of arcade-style driving like need for speed, with tons of cars to choose and awesome AI that’s aggressive and won’t let you pass without a fight.

If this is sending tingles to your game feels then get yourself a copy for a few bucks here.

racing game

The Crew

The Crew is an open-world, multiplayer racing game, that’s said to be the MMO of the car world with over 120 licensed cars, 220 tuning kits, 30 _ Hours of story and innovative cops vs racers gameplay.

There’s lots to achieve, tons of fun to have and if you’re a creative racer you’ll make the best of this MMO based driving game set in a 5000km open world.

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need for speed

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

It’old, but still to this date nothing has really competed with the experience Midnight Club gave me in my teens.

This game opened up a world of tuning unlike anything I’d seen before and with a similar gameplay style as Need for Speed I know you’ll be in love with this old classic just like I am.


Driver: San Francisco

Another classic that just doesn’t get old.

Driver is filled with classic cars and bikes and has a feel of GTA mixed with Starsky and hutch.

It’s a blast to play and ideal for anyone who enjoys need for speed with a taste more GTA.


Forza Motorsport 6

With stunning graphics, a massive array of licensed cars and some of the best tracks and car mechanics I’ve seen in the last few years, it’s safe to say Forza is a keeper.

This pumped-up racing game leaves you feeling at one with your car and although it’s not Horizon 3, it does hold up as a fantastic race simulator.

You can get a copy here for 25 bucks.


Trackmania is another wildcard I entered due to the pure fun you can have on this crazy game.

If you enjoy old school style gaming, want to try some amazing tracks that tickles all your crazy insane stunt-loving parts of your brain?

If yes then trackmania is for you.

This EPIC driving game is based around crazy tracks, from loops to crazy air jumps and even flips, this game opens up a world of driving unseen before.

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We’re hitting it off with our last Wildcard, it’s SPIN TIRES which is basically a jeep/truck driving simulator. You can race, you can crush trees and in the right hands you can have lots of fun.

It’s not like Need For Speed, but it’s a great crack for people who enjoy riding big beefy cars.

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games similar to need for speed