Dying light with its incredible graphics, parkous aspects that I have never seen before in a game and of course its amazing storyline is going to be hard to find replacements for.

The story does take a while to get through but once it’s over it is over and sometimes we need to look for something to find that void.

Below i have left the most popular games that people from around the world have chosen to be likened to dying light, enjoy!

Dead Island

Dead island has captured the essence of zombies as we like them best and placed them in to an open world where you, as the main character, can slice them up, shoot them and most of you all you must fight to survive.

There’s amazing combat, an epic multiplayer mode, island exploration and much more. I love this game and so do loads of other dying light and zombie lover gamers.

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Left 4 Dead

The graphics aren’t amazing and there’s not much of a story but if you enjoy zombie hoardes and zombie killing in a team, with friends or solo, you will love this game.

Travel through different maps killing zombies as you go, help your teamates up, stick together and don’t startle any witches or you will be killed.

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Zombie Army Trilogy

Kill hoardes of zombie nazis, which isn’t just satisfying but it’s overwhelmingly fun.Play three campaigns and a ton of different missions all filled with horror, gore, nazi zombies and combat.

If you have played left 4 dead it is a lot like that but a lot ‘darker’. So if you enjoy that you will enjoy zombie army trilogy!

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Dead Rising 4

Dead rising 4 is a open-world, zombie filled, violent and action game where you play as ‘Frank West’ who must kill scary zombie hoardes, travel and explore the land and complete the multiplayer sandbox world that requires him to fight for survival at every turn.


DayZ is still in early access alpha mode but i do believe it will pick up and get better over time. It has so much potential as a survival open-world zombie game.

Your aim is to survive in day z and there are no second chances, once you’re dead you must start again.

Craft weapons and equipment, customize your player and most of all always be on the look out for potential killers, zombies and players included.

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Killing Floor 2

Killing floor 2 is a wave based game where on each level the zombie hoardes get more and more extreme.

Play online multiplayer or alone and try and get to the last wave and defeat the final big boss. It sounds simple but it gets pretty difficult, especially if you find yourself backed in to a corner.

I love this game, it’s really satisfying to kill hoardes of zombies with other players.

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7 Days To Die

This game is a survival based game where essentially you must survive for as long as you can. Craft, build, team up, loot, explore and try not to be killed by zombies or other unforgiving and ruthless players.

It’s an awesome game that is well worth the play if you’re in to online, multiplayer, zombie survival games. It has loads of positive feedback and is definitely something you should check out if you like red dying light.


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Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

You need to have the original borderlands to get this game as it is DLC content.

With new missions, enemies, creatures and surprises i think this zombie DLC for borderlands is one of the greatest and if you do own the game already it is worth checking it out. There’s missions to explore, zombies to kill and a lot of fun to be had.

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State of Decay

You and the rest of the survivors must work together and try and put life back together as we once knew it.

Survive in this epic open-world game full of horror, worry and intense scenarios. Raid and explore for food, weapons, equipment and other neccesities, make your home base and rescue other survivors all whilst trying to survive yourself.

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The graphics in fallout 4 are awesome but that’s not all, the game itself is incredible. You enter a world that’s absolutely destroyed by nuclear war and you are the only survivor, every choice you make is yours and every second is a fight for your life.

It’s amazing with a million things to do, you just need to watch the trailer to see what I mean.

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Until Dawn

Until dawn is an interactive survival based horror game. You find yourself in the woods where you must try and survive until the next morning.

Something i love about this game is the ‘butterfly effect’ system that is has in place which means that sometimes the choices the players make have a rippling effect in the game. It is entirely possible that everyone can survive the night, if you make the right choices.

A thrilling, fun, interactive and submersive game that I recommend any horror/dying light/interactive gaming lovers to try out.

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Set in the 1980’s after the world is destroyed, you play as one survivor who is determined to find his family is terrifying world.

Survive, think, be aware and always be on your A game if you want to have any chance in this post-apocalyptic world.

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H1Z1 : Just Survive

Just survive is an open-world plagued by creatures, venomous zombies and fellow ruthless human beings.

This zombie virus has ruined the human race, nothing is like it once was and you must try and survive in this awful condemned world. Scavenge, craft and build in order to survive from every threat in this game.

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ZombiU is a first-person survival horror game set in London in which you, the survivor, play a random character after the apocalypse.

Survive by collection weapons however, if a zombie gets you, that bite will result in death and you will find yourself coming alive as another random survivor in this map.

There’s loads to loot, collect, write messages for other players and even disguise yourself as a zombie.

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Resident Evil 4 HD

The creepy atmosphere, intense story and nasty zombies/creatures really reminds me of dying light.

We all know and love resident evil and there’s not need to even explain how good it is. Solve riddles, puzzles and make your way through the map in order to survive. Enjoy scares, thrills and intensity throughout the whole game.

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Far Cry

Far cry primal is an innovative, open world survival game. Rather than zombies this game features giant primates and mammals, which is a feature i absolutely adore.

Play as a hunter and survive in this world where you are the prey. The graphics are phenomenal and its really a fantastic game. Like a few games mentioned on this list, the feedback far cry has received is amazing and it’s really worth checking out.

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These are some of the best zombie games you need to try out. I’ve also put together a list of the all-time best zombie games, I’ll go over all the classics and give you so much more.

I loved creating this video and I hope you enjoyed watching it. I seriously love zombie games and honestly want to create one in the next year.

Anyway, leave a comment and tell me what your all-time favorite zombie game is.